With TBEX Europe in Dublin, I wanted to share with you a way to find a place to stay that feels more like home. Why not stay in a Bed and Breakfast?

Promote the Local Economy

Ireland was hit hard by the financial crisis that seems to still be looming. With a small population, Ireland’s currency is outweighed by the larger Euro countries, such as Germany and France. Why not stimulate Ireland’s economy by staying away from the hotel chains. The reasons below help justify why this is a great idea.

Meet the Locals

I usually do not meet too many people on the road. However, it is easy to interact with someone who is cooking for you or letting you stay in their home. Plus, it is a little more personal because B&Bs usually have way more guests than hostels or hotels. Learning from the locals, along with my interactions of the hospitality was one of the highlights of my trip.

I will not deny that most accommodations recommend local attractions or must-sees. However, they truly know because they are out and about in their neighborhood as well. We found a highly recommended pub outside of Temple Bar from our B&B hostess in Dublin.

Irish Breakfast

What better way to start off your day with an Irish breakfast? If you stay in a hostel, you might miss this amazing way to start your day. Also, since it is a hearty breakfast, you can save money on a large lunch by just snacking until dinner.


More Intimate

In addition to meeting the locals, B&Bs are more intimate than staying at the busy hostel or large hotel. With few guests, the owners can make sure your stay is a good one. If you can find the other guests staying at the B&B (maybe over breakfast), swap stories or get suggestions on sights you might have overlooked while doing your research.

Location – Outside the City Center

Even though some B&Bs might be a little out of the city center, buses are plentiful in the cities. It also allows you to see how the locals really interact by going to restaurants away from the tourist path. We even stayed at some places that were remote, which was nice to get away from the tourist crowds and high prices.


They are not just a place of rest because most of the B&Bs had decent wi-fi connections.

Below are the B&Bs I stayed in:

  • Belfast – Cherryville B&B
  • Letterkenny – Oaklands B&B
  • Louisburgh – Cuaneen House
  • Cliffs of Moher – Moher Lodge B&B
  • Dublin – Aghadoe House

Staying in B&Bs in Ireland is well worth the money. All the owners were nice, personal, and helpful with recommendations. Even though I had only stayed at one B&B prior to my trip, I will definitely be considering them more in the future. B&Bs are for all ages.

What is your opinion of staying at Bed and Breakfasts?

I found B&B Ireland to be an excellent resource when finding a place to rest my head.

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