From now on, I will be sharing Pacific Northwest posts on my blog to provide local content on the areas I am exploring when I am not traveling.

It is that time of year where breweries roll out their pumpkin and Oktoberfest beers. Even though Oktoberfest beers are not my favorite (pumpkin and stouts are), I still enjoy the festivities that go along the Oktoberfest season. The Fremont Oktoberfest is easily accessible via bus, so it was a perfect one to attend. A grand admission ticket costing $30 covers entrance and ten tastings, but there were cheaper options as well. I was able to use a promo code to earn two more tastings! SCORE!

I just love events that allow you to sample many beers in a small ounce cup. Unfortunately, my phone was not connecting to Untappd too well, or else I would share all the tasty beverages I had. Honestly, I could have done a better job tracking of my tastings, but I was drinking after all. . .

Fremont Oktoberfest

With rain on the forecast, we did not have high hopes of being at the festival long. However, after taking the bus down to Fremont and detouring to Gas Works Park for a view of the Seattle skyline, the weather turned out to be gorgeous and hotter than I was expecting. Unfortunately that meant carrying around my rain coat the whole day.

Fremont closes off a few streets and has five beer tents with many different breweries housed in each tent, along with many German styled food stands. The design is a large “V” shaped with one end being the entrance and one being the exit. Since most the breweries did not have their own reps pouring the beer, it kept lines moving. I probably would have talked to the beer reps longer if they were the ones pouring to learn more about the brewery and beer on tap.

After finding a small table in the shade, we decided to set up camp with people taking turns watching our prized location.

There were so many people dressed in German costumes for the event, along with other beer related outfits like this one here. After talking him into taking a picture with me, I asked him if he wore it for fun. He said he was a volunteer and would get free beer after his shift. The keg costume can actually dispense alcohol but was not set up to do so.

Fremont Oktoberfest

The atmosphere was great. I usually enjoy smaller events to learn more about the beer and the breweries, but I was able to sample the beers here and will venture to the ones I liked the best. Since we were there during the day, it was reasonable. I am sure we missed some crazy characters throughout the night. After roughly five hours and thirteen samplings, it was time to say goodbye to the delicious beer and the crowds. Thirteen tokens was a great amount for my tolerance and made me slightly buzzed.

Where do you celebrate Oktoberfest?

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