Motto: Life is short. So love more, travel more, explore more, and be adventurous.

Hi, my name is Angela Crampton, and I’m addicted to being on the move. Whether it’s traveling or exploring the great outdoors.

What is Angela Travels?

The term weekend warrior comes to mind, which is more an outdoor term but applies to my lifestyle choice of being active and living a life of experiences. If I’m not living in the PNW chasing mountain adventures, I’m trying to travel and be on the move, usually with my husband.

I’ve found a ways to travel light and fast without any frills. I’ve never been a person to sit still for long meaning my travel may not be in-depth historical and extensive but just the tip of the iceberg to get enough of culture mixed with experiences.

I’m here to share my travel and outdoor experiences (usually with my better half), which usually includes hiking, rock climbing, camping, and skiing, along with touring cities. Follow me on my journey to receive as many passport stamps as possible.

I’m Angela – A Bio

Angela Travels started while traveling for work. Up until 2017, I carried a variety of careers from NASA to REI (LinkedIn). In my last role, I launched and managed REI’s Co-op Journal for 2.5 years. I enjoyed my job which I put all my creative energy to it. I didn’t want to leave, but my husband was offered a work assignment in London for six months. With every ending, comes a new beginning, and I’m happy to spend my energy on Angela Travels.

Angela is living in the Pacific Northwest and is in search of mountain adventures and cultural experiences. She has a hard time staying in one place. As a hiker, climber, skier, and mountaineer, Angela continues to add to her outdoor experiences. If she’s not outside, you can find her knitting, sampling microbrews, and writing for Angela Travels, her outdoor travel blog. Join me on my journey to travel the world.

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angela in veneziaWalking through Venice, Italy.

My Better Half

I’m a social human and like the company of others. You may not find solo female traveler stories here. If you do, it may be about solo outdoor adventures of self discovery. If I mention Andy in any of my posts, it is because he is my travel companion and husband. I would not have been able to do all the planning and research for the trips without him! He likes to stay behind the scenes, but most of my travel includes him.

“The best travel accessory is someone you love.”

lomo del pliegue tumbadoHiking Lomo del Pliegue Tumbado in Patagonia

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