Footwear has always been a challenge for me. I normally choose function over style, but now I don’t have to with Loom Footwear.

Before leaving the house (or packing for a trip), I’ve never felt that I’ve had a go-to option that works. I finally found a shoe that is comfortable for walking miles around paved sidewalks to hitting the trails outside metropolitan areas to a quick jaunt around the neighborhood for fresh air. I normally don’t wear sneakers unless they are trail or approach shoes. If I’m traveling I’ve always worn my outdoor shoes that aren’t the best looking but comfortable for my active travel style. But now with Loom Footwear, my black shoes match casual and active outfits while being comfortable and rainproof.

As the PNW enters its rainy season (October – May), I received the shoe just in time. I’m excited that I’ll get out of the house for walks or runs even if the weather isn’t ideal and know that I can splash through a few puddles along the way and hose it off when I get home.

Disclosure: This is a “sponsored post.” Loom Footwear provided a product in exchange for writing a review. All opinions and observations are 100% my own.

Out of the box

Loom Footwear has a sleek design that can be worn with athletic clothes as well as casual attire. They are lightweight and feel durable to the touch. The material feels durable and I like the little branding the shoe has.



My shoe fit ranges in sizes between 6 and 7 and decided to opt for the size 7 since they run a little small and only offer whole sizes. One thing I love about the shoe is the wide toe box. I do have narrow feet so most shoes I find that fit squish my toes together, not my Loom shoes. The back of the shoe is mid height, and doesn’t bother my narrow, boney ankles like other rigid trail shoes. The back of the shoes also feature a slip-on design that get you out the door faster without having to tie the laces every single time.

Loom Footwear


I’ve tested the shoe for about a month or so now and am loving it. I wear it out to the brewery, on stroller walks with my newborn twins, and have used it as a beach shoe on a recent clamming trip. 

The fabric feels like mesh so it’s light and breathable yet also waterproof. 

The tread isn’t super aggressive compared to my trail shoes yet works well as a crossover shoe from easy to moderate trails from paved city walking. I have yet to test it on a long hike, but the shoes are extremely supportive and comfortable that I can wear them for hours, again the wide toe box helps. 


  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Slip-on backs
  • Eco-friendly
  • Anti-odor


  • Price tag
  • Limited color options

Why this isn’t a normal shoe

Loom sneakers are eco-friendly to the environment by using sustainable materials. The shoes are flexible and lightweight. I haven’t had the shoes long enough to test the anti-odor properties.

I’ve tested and am impressed with the comfort, style, and functionality of the Loom sneaker. On a recent trip to the Washington coast to go razor clamming, I wore my shoes along the beach. In the morning, I went for a quick jog with my chocolate lab, Skye, as it was misting along the hard packed sand. I followed Skye out to the surf to watch her play in the waves and even splashed in the water a little myself as the tide was coming in. We returned to our vacation rental and the shoes dried on the outside quickly where I could just dust the sand off them and they continued to look brand new.

During the same trip, I later walked on the beach again but really tested how the shoes handled by just standing in the water with the waves covering the tops of my shoes. I splashed in the water like I was a kid in a puddle. My socks and feet stayed dry!

Loom Footwear

In the evening during the clam dig, my husband dug for the clams as I wore our twin girls (one on the front and one on my back) and watched our pup in the dark. The only time my feet got wet the entire time playing on the beach the weekend was because I wasn’t paying attention to the waves and one went well over the tops of the shoes and filled in around my ankles. Even though it was mid-40s and 20 to 30 mph coastal winds, my wet feet remained warm as we continued to look for clams in the sand to dig.

When we returned to the vacation rental, I put the shoes over a floor heating vent that blew light air and my shoes were dry by morning. I’ve had plenty of shoes after washing or having them completely soaked take a couple of days to completely dry out. 

Recently we walked around a large, unleashed dog park and I wore my Loom shoes with confidence knowing that the wet grass and trails wouldn’t be a problem even with excited pups rushing around my feet and ankles.

Needless to say I’m more than impressed and think that the versatility of the shoe constitutes the price tag. Everyone needs a shoe like this in their closet. The only downside is the color range is limited to black or white at the moment. I’m hoping they add more colors in the future.