My next destination: Ireland

My parents just received their passports! Why? Because my cousin is getting married to a nice Irish fellow, and the wedding is in Ireland. Who can turn down a wedding with different cultural festivities? With this in mind, I must start training, so I can hang with the locals. My own personal BeerFest.

I am extremely excited to instill my passion of traveling onto my parents. They have worked hard to raise four kids while operating their own business. I am excited that they are able to explore Ireland with me.


With that being said, it is really impossible to plan a trip like this. With me being roughly 3,000 miles away, it makes it hard for me to share my travel research with them. I am going to accept that they are along for whatever adventure I plan for them [insert evil laugh].

I decided that renting a car and sharing it will be the best option to see as much as possible. Also, we are going to try to arrive in Ireland roughly the same time, which might be tricky.

Road trip for Ireland

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Because I have a route in mind, I decided to draft a rough itinerary for my mom to review.

Friday – Drive to Limmerick and continue drive to Galway
Saturday – Tour Galway and around
Sunday – Arrive for Rehearsal Dinner (Killybegs)
Monday – Wedding (Donegal)
Tuesday – Explore Glenveagh National Park
Tuesday or Wednesday – Giant’s Causeway
Wednesday – Arrive in Belfast late
Thursday – Explore Belfast
Friday – Explore Dublin

Next, I decided to start looking into some tourist attractions. I found some popular tips of places to see in Ireland on Frommer’s. To get more information on Dublin and Belfast, I looked up Things to Do on TripAdvisor.

Between the two websites, I was able to put together a Points of Interest (POI) map using Google maps. Preparing a map like this ahead of time allows you to figure out what activities to do if you have spare time.

Ireland Attractions Map:


TripIt will come in handy once we start booking reservations.

Any advice for my trip to Ireland with my parents?

Ireland series:

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