I did a lot of research when finding places to stay in Ireland. I usually have no problem finding a cheap, central hostel and crashing, but my parents were with me. After browsing the Rough Guides Ireland guidebook, I learned it is extremely common to stay at Bed & Breakfasts when touring through Ireland. After reading reviews on TripAdvisor of the top accommodations, I finally narrowed down my choices and started making reservations based on our itinerary.

The average per person rate comes to roughly $47 USD per night for the B&Bs we stayed at (excluding our wedding accommodations), which is not bad considering we are getting breakfast and are traveling during high tourist season.

Here is the itinerary we followed to see as much as Ireland in our ten day visit:

Revised Itinerary:

Thursday – Dublin
Friday – Belfast
Saturday – Explore Northern Ireland
Sunday – Killybegs
Monday – Donegal
Tuesday – Mayo Region
Wednesday – Galway
Thursday – Aran Islands
Friday – Explore Dublin
Saturday – Fly home

I wish we could have stayed in some locations for more than one night since the scheduled breezed us through Ireland if we were to blink. I know there were many stops we were not able to visit because of our driving times and short time in Ireland.

Below are the following accommodations for our trip:

*I used B&B Ireland to research and book the noted reservations.

I will be reviewing some of my B&B stays and hotel stays during my Ireland destination series in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for tips on what to look for when booking your Ireland accommodations.

Ireland series:

Have you ever stayed in a B&B? What is your experience?

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