Every month from now on I will be sharing a flashback image from my travels.

Time of Life:

The Spring after I graduated from undergrad.

What this photo means to me:

Craft. I grew up sewing and knitting. When I arrived in Peru, I was mesmerized with the colorful artisan spreads and the locals who tried to make a living off of tourism.

Behind the scenes story:

On our cab ride from Cuzco to Machu Picchu, we stopped in the small village of Chinchero. As Andy and I walked around and took pictures of the local attractions, Chad was found negotiating souvenir prices with the locals. During my visit to Peru, I was approached by salespeople of all ages. The little boy in the picture was helping his mother show Chad the merchandise as he collected a variety of items. I miss seeing those vibrant colors walking through towns, which made some towns more enticing.

Chinchero 2010

Caption: The Cuteness Factor

Year: 2010

Location: Chinchero, Peru

Would you negotiate with a vendor?

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