Newgrange or Brú na Bóinne is located North of Dublin in Boyne Valley and predates Stonehenge and the Egyptian Pyramids!

After driving along some farms and small, winding roads, park your car and walk to the Visitor’s Center that has an amazing exhibit and facilities. Wait for your bus tour and add Knowth to your Newgrange experience for a few more euros. The Newgrange tour lasts roughly 1.5 hours on its own.


After being bused to the site, wait as your tour guide walks up to the front of the entrance to Newgrange. Stand close to the guide if possible because groups can become rather large making it hard to hear. Historians have come up with a few ideas of what Newgrange was created with passage tombs or a celebration of Winter Solstice or ritual ceremonies. Listen to the stories and history of Newgrange while taking in the surrounding green farmlands.


Snap a few pictures before heading in since photography inside is not permitted. Depending on group size, you may split up with one group walking around the outside while the other one is ushered through the entrance. Keep your head down while walking through the passage way into the large room.

Newgrange Entrance

The guide then describes how the light from the Winter Solstice enters and lights up the room. People can take their chances to see the actual Winter Solstice in the tomb by entering a lottery. However, with mostly overcast skies in Ireland, it may take many tries to see the light actually come through.

Newgrange Roof

Picture of the inside Ceiling

Below are a couple more pictures from walking around:

Newgrange Wall



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