From now on, I will be sharing Pacific Northwest posts on my blog to provide local content on the areas I am exploring when I am not traveling.

Seattle and the PNW have some great activities to do in the summer months. With summer coming to an end, we wanted to soak up the nice weather. Even though I usually am not this active during the week, I was able to catch up with friends while getting some great Seattle activities done in one week.

Beaches (Monday)

Did you know Seattle has beaches? Alki is probably the most popular, but we have only been there briefly to watch the sunset and enjoy a seafood dinner with friends. Golden Gardens Beach is closer and in the neighborhood. A friend of ours, Tobias, graciously invited us to chill on the beach after work on a Monday. As the fire kept us warm, we ate our carryout food and drank some delicious brews.

Houseboats (Tuesday)

Who didn’t fall in love with Sam Baldwin (Tom Hanks) in Sleepless in Seattle? Sam and his son live in a houseboat trying to start a new life in a new city. Seattle is one of the popular cities where houseboats are a form of residence. I have always wanted to check out houseboats and jumped at the chance to have dinner on one with friends.

With the 80+ degree weather Seattle has been having, I can’t think of a better way of ending a workday than by sitting out on the boat while the sun sets, rocking to the ripples of Lake Union. If you can live simply, this type of housing is for you!

Seattle House Boat

Downtown (Wednesday)

Enjoy dinner close to downtown in Belltown. After, take a walk down to Victor Steinbrueck Park near Pike Place Market to see the Ferris wheel lit up. Even though most of the market is closed, it is fun to see how it changes from the day’s hustle and bustle.

Seattle Ferris Wheel

Microbrews (Thursday)

Ballard has many microbreweries, which I have been meaning to sample. I swear one of these days I will plan a microbrew crawl! Populuxe Brewing was a nice brewery to meet up with friends and have some drinks. As you enter, order a beer from the small bar with a few indoor seating options. Continue through to the outdoor area with tables and umbrellas to soak up the nice weather, play some cornhole, or grab some dinner from a food truck. The Brown Porter was tasty and one of the better ones I have had recently!

Football (Friday)

The Sounders football club has one of the best fan base in the US soccer league. My friend, Alex, called me 1.5 hours before the game saying he could not go. It is great we did not have plans and ended up getting to the game. We stood the whole game as we cheered on the Sounders playing against the Salt Lake’s Real. The Sounders have fan section behind one of the goals that reminds me of the student sections in college basketball and football games with fans jumping up and down and waving large flags while chanting. I can definitely see myself going back!

After the football game, we went to the Irish pub Fado to meet up with the B&B Oaklands owners we stayed with a few weeks ago in Ireland. We drank and had a grand time sharing the rest of our Ireland trip. Andy even go invited to golf with Martin and Marty the next day!

Hiking (Saturday)

Seattle is not complete without some outdoor activities. Saturday was spent hiking to Blanca Lake near Stevens Pass in the Cascades. The hike switches back through forest with limited views and overlooks until reaching the milky, aqua blue lake. After not actively hiking for roughly a month, I definitely felt out of shape! Thaddée and I swam in the glacier fed water, which helped me escape the hot weather and relaxed my tired muscles.

Blanca Lake

What a great week of Seattle activities! Sunday was my much needed day of rest.

What is your favorite thing to do in Seattle?

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