I just love the idea of the Capture the Colour contest and decided to share some photos for the following colors: red, blue, green, yellow, and white. I found it hard to narrow down some of the colors to just one photo! My personal winners out of my photo collections are:


Track Snow Removal

I snapped this in Alaska.This heavy piece of machinery was used to remove snow from the tracks.


Garibaldi Lake

With aqua blue colors, the views in Garibaldi Provincial Park from the top of Panoramic Ridge was well worth the hike.


Glenveagh Castle Door

This picture was taken at Glenveagh Castle in Ireland. I just loved seeing all the green doors on different buildings throughout Ireland.


Driver's Seat

This picture was snapped just before climbing aboard the airboat tour of the swamps outside of New Orleans.


Reflection on Isolation Lake

While hiking in the Enchantments in Washington, these alpine lakes provide amazing landscapes to photograph no matter what direction you are facing!

Here are my nominees:

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