I get my outdoor adventure from my parents, no doubt, but their recent trip to London had me thinking…Where do I get my travel spirit?

I’ve been thinking about this question the last few days. I love my parents and am thankful I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania. Our family vacations were camping in PA or NY state parks (since neither states have national parks).

Over the last few years, I’ve encouraged them to travel. About this time last year, they flew out to Seattle to see me. They agreed to go with me to my cousin’s wedding in Ireland when I planned and helped them book the trip. I’m so happy that they are enjoying their life and starting to prioritize travel a little more now that they can focus on themselves and not their kids.

I’m not ready to fully answer the question I’m posing. I need a little more time to process and reflect to see where this “bug” to travel came from.

I’m thankful for how hard they worked to make sure I had the life I wanted to live. They put their children first, and I turned out better because of it. Ok, enough of the family talk. It’s time to share what I’ve been up to in April.

Derwent Resevoir

Derwent Resevoir – Peak District National Park

I just returned after a relaxing weekend in the English countryside. Does anyone else like national parks? I always try to see how national parks vary from country to country and spent the weekend in the Peak District of England. Stay tuned for updates.

April was a busy month. As I’m further from Seattle and a full-time job, I’m having more creative energy to share travels (new and old) with my readers. I’m excited to continue to revamp areas of my site and share local and travel knowledge.

I kicked off April by skiing the Vallee Blanche in Chamonix and celebrated Easter hiking in Tenerife. I took a day trip to the White Cliffs of Dover, walked the countryside of Haslemere, and finished the month walking in Peak District National Park.

New stories shared in April:

My Favorite April UK Attraction:

  • White Cliffs of Dover

My Favorite April Trip:

  • Skiing in Chamonix (sorry Mom)

April’s Top 3 Instagram Posts

Stairs to Italy

Stairway to Italy. #sheskis

Post-Hike Plunge

The moment right before I plug my nose… I forgot how much I like swimming in the ocean. #tenerife

Austria Skiing

Have you ever noticed what harvesting corn sounds like Shhssshhhsshhhsshh… #sheskis #weareskiing #forceofnature

What’s next for May?

I said good-bye to my parents as they return to the States to continue to spoil my nephews (as grandparents should).

Amsterdam: I’m leaving in a few days. With all the travel and exploring London, I’ve been on planning overdrive. Feel free to email me suggestions on what I should see.

The rest of May is up in the air. Maybe I’ll add another weekly travel theme to my London shenanigans, take an in-person yoga class, finish another book, or try a new climbing gym.

I want to keep this month open for last-minute flights or train trips. I’m hoping to celebrate Memorial Day for us U.S. workers and Spring Bank Holiday for London workers (it’s the same day). If anything, Andy will be able to join me on a long weekend somewhere in Europe.

I’ve also been researching Russia and China visas. I’m not sure either of these trips will come to fruition, but it’s best to be prepared.