Guys, I went out to Zone 4 last week. Zone 4! The Underground in London is segmented to different zones and it’s funny to hear people reference where they live based on the Tube zones. The higher the zone, the further out of London you get, and I took the second to last stop on the District line.

Why would I ever do such a thing? Because I wanted to photograph pretty flowers and cherry blossoms that are in bloom.

I didn’t know what to expect. A nature lover, I’ve found my city escapes by visiting the parks in London: Regent’s Park, Hyde Park, St. James Park, Green Park, etc.

Kew Gardens open at 10 am, so obviously, I arrived 30-minutes before the gates opened. I paid the entrance fee, which was definitely worth it. Consider getting an annual pass if you live close and want to visit a few times a year.

I spent 2.5 hours walking around without a plan. I enjoyed it. I took pictures where I wanted to and went at my own pace. I didn’t only find cherry blossoms but found tulips in bloom as well. So many colorful tulips.

The Temperate House is under construction and closed to the public, but I was able to go into the Palm House and the Davies Alpine House. The Hive was also closed for the day for light repairs.

Below is a photo essay of the gardens.


Be mindful, but you’re permited to walk off the paths.


Cherry blossoms and daffodils.

treetop walkway

Get a view of Kew Gardens and climb the stairs or take the lift to the Treetop Walkway.

bench with cherry blossoms

Not a bad place to sit and read.


A sea of tulips.

palm house

Palm House and more tulips.

kew gardens

Walkways within the gardens.


Residents of Kew Gardens.

davies alpine house

Davies Alpine House.

orangery restaurant

Orangery Restaurant.

joseph banks building

Joseph Banks Building: a private building with a swan protecting it.

queens garden

Queen’s Garden by Kew Palace.


Kew Palace.

Even though the cherry blossoms may be coming close to being done blooming, I still recommend visiting the gardens. Unfortunately, my camera fogged up with the heat from the Palm House, but the architecture inside and the large trees are worth fighting the heat and humidity.

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