The wait was over. After moving to London, I knew I had to get some spring skiing in before the snow melted, plus I moved my skis into my tiny flat, so it had to happen. Chamonix was high on the list, but we wanted enough time to ski resorts and try a little backcountry, or out-of-bounds skiing.

We arrived early the first day and decided not to ski but to be tourists in the village. After taking a shuttle from the Geneva, Switzerland airport, we had arrived. I thought the shuttle would take us into Chamonix proper, so I was frazzled when we were asked to get off the bus at the Chamonix Sud station.

Chamonix: a lovely mountain town.

Chamonix village.

As I rushed off the bus, I left my passport tucked away behind a seat’s pocket!!! Fortunately, Andy has international data and calling, and we were able to contact the company and verify they had it. At first, they wanted me to pick it up in their Switzerland station, but I wouldn’t be able to cross the border. After many emails and phone calls, they had agreed to leave it at the Chamonix Sud bus station. We picked it up the next day. PHEW.

Chamonix is a ski town, and you’d think with all the tourists there to ski and be outdoorsy, storage lockers would be available. I was wrong. Since we had to wait for our AirBnB host (sign-up today and save) to finish work, we stored our bags at the only place we could find, thanks to the Tourist Office, and walked around Chamonix.

Being the mountaineers that we are, we toured the Musée Alpin in town. It wasn’t as extensive as we were hoping. Having lift tickets for the day, we rode the Aiguille du Midi for a closer look at Mont Blanc and the French Alps.

Chamonix climber on a ridge

A climber ascending the ridge line close to Aiguille du Midi overlook.

Spring Skiing in Chamonix

Even though we didn’t have light and fluffy snow with warming spring temperatures, it was nice to ski in sunshine and sample some of France’s finest food. Here are a few pictures from the resorts and backcountry skiing we did while in Chamonix.

Argentière Glacier skiing

Skiing the Argentière Glacier at Les Grand Montets. 

Aiguille du Midi tunnels

Skis loaded on my pack ready to descend the Vallée Blanche from Aiguille du Midi.

Vallee Blanche Warning

Warning, you should know how to ski off piste if you’re going past this point.

Stairway to Italy

We toured to Italy for cappuccino.

Vallee Blanche

Skiing out the Vallée Blanche.

Brévent-Flégère ski day

Checking out a new resort Brévent-Flégère.

It was a blast to ski in Chamonix and was something to check off the bucket list. Now, let’s hope I can make it back to either Chamonix or the Swiss Alps for some summer backpacking.