Reflections out of my silver journal slightly modified to make sense to others. 

April 4, 2017 – Hello, it’s my first Museum Tuesday! I know, it sounds a little weird to set a day of the week aside for museums. When Andy comes home and asks how my day was, I feel guilty for not leaving the flat. I mean I’m living the dream right? I’m living abroad, sudo working remotely, and have access to a city that 30-plus million people visit each year. The rest of Europe is just a cheap-ish flight away on a discount airliner.

Claude Monet, The Water-Lily Pond.

I’m going to be honest: It’s hard to leave the flat. Why? Because there are so many attractions to see. I’ve never been a good decision maker. I’m a dreamer and always wanting more. I feel overwhelmed. Am I going to get the experiences and see everything I want when living here? It’s only six months, well four now. Probably not, because I do this every time I move to a city. I make lists in my head, in notebooks, and on maps though for some reason there isn’t enough time.

All the more reason to set up a little regiment for when I am in London and not jet setting around Europe. I mean Andy only has so many vacation days and travel costs money.

Forcing myself to run during the week, go to a park, or visit a museum is just what I need. Of course I’m not going to 100% follow the schedule because that would be stressful.

Paul Cézanne, Hillside in Provence.

Today, I looked at pretty artwork by famous people at the National Gallery. I quite enjoyed it and wished Bethany, my twin sister who studied art, was here to explain it to me. She’d really like it here.

April 26, 2017 – Wow, my second Museum Tuesday.

Journal, I’m not doing well keeping up with you or my weekly travel themes. To be fair, I wasn’t in London the last couple Tuesdays.

Museum Tuesdays, I’m really enjoying you and will probably even go to a few more museums this week since we have our first visitors coming to stay with us. Today, I went to the British Museum. They have a lot of old artifacts from countries all over the world. I saw the magnificent Rosetta Stone, but I didn’t see it the way I wanted since everyone crowded around trying to take pictures of it. I just wanted to stare at the inscriptions.

statue british museum

I’ve never been a museum person and usually walk fast through. Now, I have time. Time to read plaques, to stare at famous paintings, and to sit on benches and people watch.

I’m glad I started a weekly travel theme and am starting to think that Market Mondays has a nice ring to it.

Format inspired by Katie Boué at The Morning Fresh.