I was in Philadelphia for a few days for work. I was fortunate to stay in the Society Hill neighborhood, which has so much history. I have lived in Pennsylvania for roughly 20 years and had never been downtown Philly. I couldn’t wait for my conference to be over to explore what the neighborhood had to offer.

Here are some things to see while walking around the area:

Merchants’ Exchange Building

Merchants Exchange Building

Built in 1832 and still looking great!

Independence Hall

Independence Hall

There are many tours that go through here. Make sure to take your time to soak up the history. It was where the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence were created.

The Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell

Constructed in 1752, the Liberty Bell was used to announce public meetings and proclamations.

The Curtis Publishing Company

The Curtis Publishing Company

Founded in 1891, the company was one of the largest publishing companies of the 20th century.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Tourists at Washington Square

Located in Washington Square, it honors the soldiers that died fighting in the American Revolutionary War.

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossom

If you are visiting in the spring season, make sure to check out the blooming cherry blossoms.

I also took a horse drawn carriage ride with my work friends around the area. It was a relaxing way to hear more about the history.

horse drawn carriage philadelphia

What is your favorite historic destination in Philadelphia?