Without booking our ferry ride through the Chilean fjords ahead of time, I arrived at one of my favorite destinations during my South American trip: Puerto Natales. Splurging from my normal travel budget activities to travel along the coastline with our Holland bunk mates made this trip unforgettable.

Navimag Ferry

Cruising Chilean Fjords

Relaxing in the upper lounge and consuming alcoholic beverages while playing games on electronic devices was a nice break from hiking and letting the captain be in control. Taking a yoga class or attending one of their many talks on fauna or the nature of the Chilean coastline kept passengers busy in between meal times.

Minke Whale

Minke Whales Swimming around the Boat

Riding on the upper deck feeling the breaking of the winds as we head north towards Puerto Montt, I was able to enjoy the Chile’s summer while missing Ohio’s frigid winter. Little sea sick spells would tuck me into my bunk until smoother waters were reached.

A time lapse

Before going to bed the last night, I enjoyed a beautiful sunset. When I woke up, we had arrived in Puerto Montt to begin my last adventure before returning home.


Navimag Docked in Puerto Montt

Below are some pictures of the inside of the boat. I did not take any pictures of the bathrooms because I did not want to be creepy!


Navimag Mess Hall

Even though this was not a major cruise ship, it had its fun entertaining moments. The last night we played BINGO and won prizes. After BINGO there was a dance party and lights flashing everywhere. You meet some great travelers on this cruise, so it is fun to swap stories of all the amazing adventures your ferry mates have done. I was able to update my journal and relax.

Without the many food options, you have to make sure to be a good eater and try everything. They do offer some dietary options, but most is what you see is what you get. They boat was overall clean. We learned a lot on the information sessions on the geography and wildlife. They held movie nights as well to make sure everyone had options.

Have you ever ridden on a ferry? If so, where?

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