With every year I add to my age, the more motion sickness I get. With that being said, this small boat trip would be a great test before taking the Navimag Ferry up the fjord covered coast of Chile. I bundled up to go see magellanic penguins outside of Punta Arenas, which is argued to be one of the south most cities of the world.

Head Shot

Magellanic Penguin

If you know me at all, I love to see wildlife in nature. Penguins are one animal I have been wanting to see for a long time. When I found a penguin tour with Solo Expediciones, I couldn’t resist. The tours are dependent of water conditions, especially being near the Strait of Magellan which hosts some of the roughest, choppiest water that gave world explorers hardship. Fortunately for us, the conditions were barely mild enough to go out to the Isla Magdalena National Park.

Zodiac Boats

Zodiac boats – we rode on the white one.

We arrived on the island with a decent boat ride. It was choppy, but I stood outside and let the cool, brisk air ease my stomach. As you walk along roped paths for humans, penguins dart out to cross in front of you or to examine your boots. To them, we were the tourist attraction. Penguin nests dug into the sides of this mound of an island with a lighthouse at the top to create some memorable pictures.

Curious Penguins

Sniffing Out the Humans

As cute as these little animals are dressed in tuxedo jacket feathers, I learned I could never own one as a pet. Why? Have you ever seen one poop? Search videos on YouTube if you have not. No one in their right mind would want to clean up it up on a regular basis.

Best Friends

Penguin Chicks Moulting their Feathers

Saying bye to the penguins, we boarded the zodiac to see sea lions. We would pass their island from a distance since sea lions can become violent. Taking turns to be outside to view the mammals sunbathing on the rocky shore of yet another small island before starting the longest roller coaster ride of my life.

Sea Lions

Sea Lions

Hitting the waves and crashing down hard before going airborne again over an hour and a half was almost unbearable. I was hanging onto my dear life as my butt bounced against the hard, wooden bench and my head hit the roof. My white knuckles clenched around a metal, “Oh-Shit” bar above. Man, I was going to be sore, and I was! The Israelis were enjoying the ride stating they have a roller coaster ride similar in Israel that plays extremely loud music. They started singing while smiling and enjoying the ride. I wish I could endure this adventure with their attitude. I was trying not to concentrate on the fact that my uneasy stomach could throw up at any bit of this rocky boat ride. Fortunately for everyone on the boat, I SURVIVED. I basically kissed the dock as my feet found stability.

The trip was well worth it. How can you not love these penguins who are calling out to their mate? Did you know that penguins have a mate for life and have a specific sound to communicate with them and their chicks?

Penguin call

Penguin Choir

Have you ever seen a penguin? Where?

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