This week I am at Wallops Island, VA. I have been here many times because we have lots of contracting training at this NASA location. Most of our time is spent in class, eating, and hanging out in the lobby of our dorms or at the Rocket Club Bar.

 Drawing on the Beaches of Chincoteague Island

Amanda, Zach, and I decided to explore Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge on Wednesday night to get a break from being on base. We had the lighthouse to ourselves, which I did not get to see the last time. We have always heard the mosquitoes were bad, but I have never had a problem. Zach and I had lots of bites at the end of our short visit to the lighthouse to take pictures fast before getting eaten alive.

Assateague Lighthouse

From there, we decided to continue through the park to the beach. We did see two ponies out in the marshes, which were a little too far away for pictures. The Chincoteague wild ponies are very popular and remind me of Icelandic horses in a way.

We headed to the beach and watched the sun set, which made the crashing waves glow. Since it is summer, I could not resist getting in the water. Unfortunately, I did not pack a bathing suit, so my shorts were wet for the rest of the night.

Having some fun in the water.

This island is a good place to visit on a family vacation. The beach is very nice and the water was warm. The winds kept the bugs away, so we could enjoy the crashing waves on the shoreline.

Another popular destination while visiting the Island is to stop at the Creamery for some delicious ice cream.

Have you ever seen wild ponies?