From now on, I will be sharing my past travels as part of my Travel Throwback Thursday #TTBT series.

Wanaka was my favorite South Island town. The mountains jetting high above the vibrant blue lake beckoned my outdoor adventure spirit. Growing up in a small town made me appreciate Wanaka’s quaint flare.

As soon as we arrived in Wanaka, we found the ranger station to research the weather conditions for the Cascade Saddle Route on Mount Aspiring. Unfortunately, the weather was not promising, so we had to research other hikes. With little camping gear and original plans to use the many hiking huts in the area, we decided for two day hikes.

Rob Roy Peak

The next morning, we headed down the road to hike Rob Roy Peak. Unfortunately, I had a headache and decided to hike a little ways up the track to take pictures of the lake and Wanaka. I shared the track with free range sheep and thought they must be the happiest sheep in the world to graze with amazing views.

The hike only took the others four to five hours, which was great. The ridge part of the track looked amazing and makes me want to return. It was a windy day, so I am not sure how I would have fared on the ridge.

Wanaka - Rob Roys Track

Lake Wanaka

roy's peak panorama

Rob Roy Peak – Photo by Andy Crampton

Rob Roy Glacier

Roughly an hour and a half drive away from Wanaka to the trailhead, the road is barely maintained and had ford crossing signs (stream crossings). Good thing we were in a rental! During the drive, we saw cattle, elk, deer, and sheep grazing in open fields. The Rob Roy Glacier track  starts with views of the glacier at Raspberry Creek. The first part of the track walks around farm pastures before getting into the forest.

Rob Roy Glacier

View of Rob Roy Glacier from Raspberry Creek

After passing the fields, the track takes you through moss covered trees until you reach the overlook of Rob Roy Glacier.

New Zealand Trip

 Danielle hiking the track.

The track was 6 kilometers long one way and was estimated to take three to four hours (round trip) with gradual elevation gain. Keas, the native, alpine bird of New Zealand, flew around and hoped for a hiker to drop food.

HDR Rob Roy Glacier

New Zealand Trip

Kyle and Andy taking in the views.

Kea at Rob Roys Glacier


rob roy glacier

Rob Roy Glacier – Photo by Andy Crampton

Wanaka has amazing terrain to explore, and I hope to get back to attempt Mount Aspiring.

What tracks do you recommend near Wanaka?

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