From now on, I will be sharing my past travels as part of my Travel Throwback Thursday #TTBT series.

The Bluebridge Cook Strait Ferry was my departure from the South Island of New Zealand. We arrived via air and would leave on boat with the camper van to drive quickly through the North Island–having one small detour before heading back to the States. The ferry was similar to other ferries we have taken minus boarding on a camper van. After parking the van, we found seats. Even in the summer months, it was too cold to stand outside for extended periods of time.

sounds from the blue bridge ferry

The calm waters of the Marlborough Sounds

After cruising through the calm waters of the Marlborough Sounds, my seasickness kicked in once crossing the Cook Strait. I tried to nap off the sickness for the remaining journey. While on the deck to calm my stomach, I was able to see see the North Island before returning to my seat to doze off.

North Island from Ferry

 Views of the North Island

We arrived in sunny Wellington with its beautiful blue waters and skies to welcome us. It was refreshing to be in a city to find wifi and have places to shop. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the small towns of the South Island but was ready to buy souvenirs.

wellington harbour

 Wellington Harbour

wellington harbour

Arriving in Wellington

It was now time to explore Wellington and explore the North Island.

Any advice on relieving seasickness?

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