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I am not much of a Valentine’s Day supporter.

There, I said it. Don’t get me wrong, I like to be romanced and feel special, but I believe I should get treated great everyday and not just because everyone else wants to see how my boyfriend treats me one day a year.

This might be a little more personal than some of my travel posts, but I wanted to share my travel love. My boyfriend, Andy, and I have been dating for a few years now and were long distance for most of our relationship (until recently). Even though we only lived a few hours apart, sometimes it was hard to get away and enjoy our relationship.

Grand Canyon Conquered

The Grand Canyon – our first backpacking trip back.

One out of many reasons I love to travel is to escape the day-to-day life of budgets and career and go back to truly enjoying life. Even if you love your job, it is important to take a step back and enjoy the world around you. I share my love of travel with my boyfriend.

Angel's Landing 2010

Zion National Park – At the Top of Angel’s Landing

I started dating Andy in college when neither of us had ample amounts of income. Since we went to different schools and worked in different cities, we made it a point to meet at a new destination and explore. With usually at least one international trip a year, along with a few US trips, we were able to spend quality time together without breaking the bank.

Wasai Lodge

Peru – On the Boat to Wasai Lodge

We rarely take romantic trips to the beach and stay at all inclusive resorts, but we adventure to learn more about ourselves–individually and as a couple. Travel helps me see his true colors and learn even more about him. Since we are out of routine while traveling, I can see him in different situations and am amazed on how he handles them or when I learn something new about him.

Biplane Tour

Orcas Island – Flying in a Biplane

Below are two stories from our travels where love shines through:


After studying in France for six weeks, he decided to meet me in Italy and backpack for ten days. After missing my train, having a bomb scare in Nice, and being shown to my hostel by the most generous Italian couple, I saw him arriving at the hostel from exploring Genoa. It was like a movie. The Italian couple dropping me off outside of the hostel with my bags to find Andy just returning. The timing was perfect. As I ran up to hug him, I turned around to thank the couple, but they were already walking away into the distance.


When in Rome. . .


Andy was between jobs and traveling for three months in South America. Since I was in graduate school and working full time, I only took three and a half weeks of vacation before my semester began to travel with him. We parted ways in Puerto Varas, a town in Chile, as I headed to Santiago to return to the States and he continued exploring. I sat on a park bench near the water waiting before heading to the airport. Being a little emotional from not being able to see him for two months, I was left to my thoughts. I saw a bus drive by and decided to wave in case he was on it.

I received an email from him after my long journey home. It didn’t say much but did end with, “you were sitting on a bench outside of the tourist office in PV and waved by to me didn’t you? It made me so sad!” I responded with a quick email confirming I did indeed wave in hopes to “say” bye one last time.

Kayak Excursion

Reloncaví Sound – My Last Day in South America.

So even though I am not huge on the concept of Valentine’s Day, it is important to cherish our relationship in the way that works best for the two of us. We work very well not because of the gifts we by each other but the way we try get the most out of our “life” together.

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