Every month from now on I will be sharing a flashback image from my travels.

What this photo means to me:

Braving the elements. It was a windy hike with huge drop offs.

Behind the scenes story:

I had just graduated from my undergraduate degree and wanted to take a trip before starting my full-time, adult job. Andy, Danielle, and Kyle came along, and we rented a campervan to drive all over the South Island. This was the last part of our journey and only taste of the North Island. It was one of my first long term adventure trips (if you count 2.5 weeks long).

Tongariro Crossing

Caption: I’m Going on an Adventure

Year: 2010

Location: Tongariro Crossing, New Zealand


Tongariro Crossing is a World Heritage Site on the North Island of New Zealand. It is a 19.4 km trek across volcanic alpine terrain with sulfuric odors.

What amazing hikes have you done while traveling? Please share in the comments.

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