Since I have to use my vacation days wisely, I decided to use my President’s Day holiday to explore more of the west coast. I will be leaving Friday after work for a one way west coast road trip from San Francisco to Seattle. Make sure to follow along on the journey on Instagram.

I have been to Muir Woods and Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, but I am more than excited to announce that I will finally be making it to the Redwoods National Park to drive along the Avenue of the Giants. Maybe I will even convince Andy drive through a tree.

SF to Seattle Road Trip

After doing a report on Crater Lake in fifth grade, I have had a fascination with this volcanic lake. I can’t wait to visit it. Since it is winter, there is limited access, but isn’t it just beautiful!

Crater Lake in winter

Along with the Redwoods and Crater Lake, we plan on hitting up some breweries in Bend, OR before heading to Salem, OR to reunite with a college friend.

Now I need your help! Is there anything we should see or do during the drive?

If they are reasonable suggestions and are near our route, we will definitely consider them.

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