I can’t tell you how hard it was to get people to come visit me while I lived in Cleveland, OH. Looking back, why would they? Not because the city does not have anything to offer but because Cleveland is so similar to home. With my monthly visits, my family saw enough of me there was no need for additional visits. However, I am excited to announce I will have MY OWN first visitors in Seattle in a few months time. Can’t wait to host Dustin and Koloman the first week of July.

Now I have to decide what parts of the PNW (Pacific Northwest) do I want them to see. I have received a few requests from the boys stating they would like to see British Columbia, Canada, along with the Olympic Peninsula if possible. As I have yet to explore most the places we are going, I can’t wait to utilize my two 4th of July vacation days to road trip, camp and hike around parts of Washington and Canada.

Now the planning begins. I have started researching some area hikes on the Washington Trails Association. I also mapped our drive and started thinking what camping gear they will need to bring. I  have to pick up my cardio exercise workouts to be able to keep up with these two young boys since Koloman just completed a 50 mile marathon in Utah about a month ago and Dustin cruises lumber for his job.

I want to point out that this will be my first summer out in Washington. I have already enjoyed the winter thus far and only have to “survive” the spring. I don’t know why people complain. There are so many outdoor activities to do in the winter months in the snow. Why would people dislike the rain in Seattle if it means snow in the mountains?

In the next few months, I will most likely share some of my planning ideas. I already discarded my first draft.

Below is a rough draft of what we will be seeing during my time off work:

Night 0: Drive to Mt. Baker (July 3rd)
Day 1: Day hike near Mt Baker or in North Cascades.
Night 1: Either Camp near Mt. Baker or drive to Squamish, Canada
Day 2: Hike Squamish
Night 2: Camp Squamish
Day 3: Drive to Vancouver, take a ferry to Victoria and then Port Angeles.
Night 3: Camp on Olympic Peninsula.
Day 4: Day hike and/or back to Seattle
Night 4: Camp or stay in Seattle

This itinerary gives them a taste of the North Cascades, British Colombia (Squamish), the ferry system from Canada to Washington, the Olympic Peninsula and Seattle. I hope they will be able to explore Rainier while I am at work. If only I had more vacation days to explore with them!

Suggestions on making this trip better? Please share.