With the past few posts being about the aurora borealis, I figured I would continue to share that my friends are going to be able to have their chance in the next couple days if they know what to look for and have clear skies.

Here are a few sites with information regarding the solar winds (aka Northern Lights, aurora borealis):

Aurora Forecast“visible low on the horizon from Seattle, Des Moines, Chicago, Cleveland, Boston, and Halifax.”

AccuWeather News“viewing conditions will be best in the mid-Atlantic, specifically for parts of Pennsylvania and the Delmarva.”

When looking for the northern lights from the United States, make sure to look North and on the horizon. It may be helpful to set up a camera on a tripod with long exposure to capture the faint activity. Refer to my prior blog post: Capturing the Aurora Borealis. Look for red, yellow, and green ribbons of light. Best of luck!