A great way to exchange cultures and personalities is international partnerships. I recently signed up for “The great international postage swap.” Read more about the swap here: I Can’t Wait to Get STAMPED!

I got my assignment to share something about the city I live in to Anja Beckmann of Travel on Toast. Even though her site is in German, it is easy to have the page translated into English. I had a fun time learning about another travel blogger by reading and sorting through her site.

I spent a long time thinking of what to share with Anja. Since I have only lived in the PNW for a year now, I didn’t know exactly what to share with her. Coffee? Mountains? Camping? Fish? I shared with her a calendar of the mountains of Washington, along with a magnet and post card. I wrote a little about myself and Seattle on the back of the post card. This activity made me realize how little tourism I do locally away from the outdoors. I have yet to be to the Space Needle, a Seattle icon.


I received my package from Travelettes‘ Kathi and was blown away with what I received. She did her research to learn I love postcards. I received a postcard from her, along with a Polaroid picture and some marshmallows covered in chocolate. I just loved the Polaroid because it reminds me of my childhood of taking pictures and flapping the print to see how it turned out. The ten Travelettes share travel stories from all over. Travelettes just started Instagram challenges for each month. I am trying to contribute as much as possible. What fun little challenge to get out and take pictures of the season around you!


Stamped was a great idea! Don’t you think?

Have you ever had a penpal?

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