I am not a huge fan for decorating for holidays or seasons. However, in the fall, you can find me drinking pumpkin lattes, beer, and apple cider, along with other delicious fall harvest flavors. A great way to sample as many fall foods and drinks as possible is to head to a local farm and get into the fall atmosphere.

Our friends Sonni and Koloman wanted to head to a pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins to carve. We decided to head north of Seattle towards Snohomish. Fresh snow capping some of the high peaks in the distance, the feel of fall is definitely dwindling in the PNW. Sonni picked Swan Trail Farms since it had apple picking as well.

We started by parking and picking up a wheel barrel to collect pumpkins. Our methodology was to head to the back of the patch in case the front way picked over already. Passing scarecrows along the way, we separated ourselves from the increasing amounts of people arriving. Wishing I had rubber rain boots, I took my time meandering through the muddy field before heading our way back to pay for the pumpkins that Sonni and Koloman picked out to carve.

Swan Trail Farms

I was impressed by the variety of pumpkins. There were your typical orange pumpkins, along with green, white, white with orange textures, and pumpkins with warts. The pumpkins were also very affordable and priced by size.

After dropping off the pumpkins at the cars, we headed to the corn maze. It was less of a maze than just trails through the corn, but it was in the shape of Washington State with roads and exits along the way.

Swan Trail Farms Corn Maze

We walked around the grounds after the corn maze in search of apple picking where we learned that the trees get picked by the end of September, so we were basically a month too late for fresh apples. A little disappointed, we decided to call it a day. As we walked out, a bright rainbow arced over the farm. We picked up a couple gallons of apple cider which was not made at the farm but at one in Olympia and headed back to Seattle.

Swan Trail Farms

A rustic farm truck welcomes you to the farm.

warted pumpkin

Pumpkin covered in warts.

pumpkin field

Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere!

Swan Trail Farms

Rainbow arcing over the farm.

Swan Trail Farms

Andy and I enjoying the fall festivities.

pumpkin picking

Sonni and Koloman navigating the pumpkin patch.

pumpkin patch guardian

The scarecrow protecting the pumpkins.

pumpkin pricing

The pricing scale for pumpkins.

squash box

Rustic wooden boxes holding the squash and pumpkins.

corn maze

Looking through the corn maze.

Washington corn maze

Map of corn maze.

Swan Trail Farms

Order your tasty fall treats at the Apple Shack.

Swan Trail Farms also serves food and snacks, including apple cider donuts, cinnamon rolls, and an assortment of pies. There are tons of activities for family fun like wagon rides, petting farm, live duck races, and a play area with even more options.

What is your favorite season and how do you celebrate it?

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