Spring break!!! Crazy beach parties? Booze? Unspeakable stories?

My last spring break before graduating undergrad. I have never really taken a trip for spring break, which is one college experience I didn’t want to regret. Being my frugal self and usually working during the school vacation, I decided to splurge and head to San Francisco.

Pier 39 2009

Pier 39 in San Francisco

Why I ended up picking San Francisco? I am not sure. It seemed like a good idea. I have a credit card that provides complimentary travel tickets once a year to a person traveling with me for $99 within the continental U.S. Naturally, I buy two tickets, and my companion splits the cost equally. The deal is best used when traveling longer flights or more expensive fights, so maybe that contributed to selecting San Francisco.

I have never really traveled with my sister much, but the timing of this trip worked out well. My friend, Lauren, also joined us for our adventure. We stayed at a Choice Hotel because we got a $35/night rate; one of the perks for working for a hotel and loving to travel.

1. Rent Bikes

An icon others think of when they hear San Francisco is the Golden Gate Bridge. Did you know NASA invented the paint to keep it from rusting over time? We decided to get up close and personal with the Golden Gate Bridge by renting bikes from Blazing Saddles. We started at Fisherman’s Wharf and biked to Sausalito (7 miles) before taking a ferry back to the city to return the bikes.

Golden Gate Bridge Panorama 2009

Views of the Golden Gate Bridge on the Golden Gate Promenade

2. Chinatown

Since San Francisco has the largest Chinatown outside of Asia, we decided to find some sushi. I have never been to Asia and enjoyed walking through the streets feeling like I was not a tourist in the United States. Here, we were the minorities.

3. Cable Cars

We also rode the cable cars around the city and saw the windy section of Lombard Street.

Cable Cars 2009

San Francisco Cable Cars

4. Wine Tasting

The first thing that came to mind when planning this trip: wine tasting! I researched a moderately priced tours and chose a tour on SFTours. It was basically a full day event. We were even allowed to walk through one of the vineyards! We were bused to four different wineries: Domaine Chandon, V. Sattui, Flora Springs, and Andretti Winery. After the tastings, we took a boat back to the city, which is not the best idea after a long day of wine tasting!

Looking through a Wine Glass

Andretti Winery Tasting

5. Alcatraz Island

Time for Alcatraz Island. We rode yet another boat on the Bay to get to the prison. We then toured around wearing the guided headsets. There is so much history on a little island with an eerie feel following you with every step.

Alcatraz 2009

Alcatraz Prison

6. Painted Ladies 

Since Bethany and I were obsessed with the Olsen twins, we had to stop by the Six Sisters houses on Alamo Square that was on the opening credits of Full House.

What a great Spring Break. Even though I did not pack warm enough clothing for the trip. OOPS!

What is your favorite part of San Francisco?