Even though Boeing is now headquartered in Chicago, there is still a huge presence of aerospace in Seattle. If you read my blog, you may already know I love planes. I have been fortunate to experience flight from watching a NASA shuttle launch to riding in a biplane. I have even been skydiving!

Museum of Flight

Seattle’s weather in October and November tend to limit outdoor activities, so visiting the Museum of Flight was a great option for a windy day. The museum is south of Seattle near Boeing Field and in an area with tons of Boeing buildings and hangars. Museum of Flight

Arriving to the museum is a little confusing with few directions on where to park. However, the glass window building along side a red barn definitely catches your eye. Look for a walkway for pedestrians visiting both the main Museum of Flight and the Space: Exploring the New Frontier exhibition and Airpark. Unfortunately, the Airpark was closed while we were visiting due to unseasonably high winds.

Museum of Flight

The ground floor of the Museum of Flight has planes of all sizes on display. It can be a little overwhelming with planes on the floor and hanging from the ceiling. Museum of FlightMuseum of Flight

The Amelia Earhart exhibit showed true exploration. I learned how impressive it was to be a bold female during the beginning of flight. Museum of FlightMuseum of Flight

Andy enjoyed the WWI and WWII fighter plane exhibits. The World War exhibits displayed planes used from different countries fighting in the wars, along with uniforms and other fun facts. It was definitely interesting to see how different each country’s aircrafts were. Museum of FlightMuseum of Flight

Walking through the Boeing Company (red barn) was a great experience. With wooden structure airplanes on display showing the progression of airplanes through the years. Museum of FlightMuseum of Flight

The NASA space flight sections were my favorite. There was a space flight exhibit in the main Museum of Flight building, along with the space gallery showcasing a model of a shuttle and its payload. Museum of FlightMuseum of FlightMuseum of FlightMuseum of Flight

The museum is fun for all ages with some hands on flight simulations, along with some displays to interact with. I even got to sit in a plane myself! Museum of FlightMuseum of FlightMuseum of Flight

Would you visit the Museum of Flight? What is your favorite rainy day activity?

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