I go through my fair share of sunglasses. From free shades to ski goggles, I have never been one to pay for an expensive pair of sunglasses, especially because I am always on the go—they get banged up. When the sunglasses get battered or scratched, it is time to head down to a local store and buy another inexpensive pair of sunglasses.

I decided to buy Native Eyewear and use them for my outdoor adventures. Fortunately, they came with a sturdy protective case, so if I sit on them, I won’t ruin them. At least I like to think so. I used the sunglasses for a couple of weeks and really enjoyed the fit. The lenses were really nice as well, but I did notice a few differences after they were replaced by Xperio UV Lenses.

Maximize UV Eye Protection

I started buying inexpensive sunglasses with polarized lenses since my eyes are sensitive to light. I needed more out of a lens since I was getting headaches after long days in the sun. The Xperio UV Lenses were exactly what I needed. Choose from a variety of colors to match your favorite shades.

Glare Elimination

The original lenses did show the weird glass patterns in windows and made it hard to see my cell phone screen. I have had a recurring problem with previous inexpensive polarized sunglasses, especially when hiking between sunlit patches on the trail. It was hard to transition between light and dark sun exposure and slowed my hiking pace down. I noticed better sight transitioning between shade and sun sections of the trail. I am excited for spring hiking to try these out even more.

Sharpest Vision

Now, I doubt I would go back to buying $20 sunglasses. Even though I don’t need prescription lenses, Xperio UV Lenses can be made making a perfect combination of helping your vision and protecting your eyes from the sunlight. I tested the sunglasses throughout the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii. I am very happy with the results.

Scratch Resistant

Since my sunglasses are only a few months old, I haven’t had a chance to put them through the ringer, especially in the rainy Seattle winter. Hiking through wooded areas, I sometimes use sunglasses as eye protection to keep my hiking pace. The scratch resistance has proven to hold up the few times I have hit a low hanging branch with my face and shades.

Maybe I am taking care of these a little better by using a protective case instead of jamming them into the lid of my pack, but I am hopeful the scratch resistant lenses will help me keep using my favorite sunglasses for years, as long as I don’t lose them.

Easy to Clean

On all my adventures, it is rare for me to be wearing fabric material that is easy to wipe the salty sweat off my lenses. Though, I have found that it is possible to wipe the lenses with my synthetic clothing while being careful to use clean swatches of my clothing.

Testing In the Field

I actually prefer to use them more than my glacier sunglasses because of the fit of the frame and the protection from the sun. I wore them on a recent trip to Crater Lake when backcountry skiing and was pleasantly happy with my eye protection choice. I never pulled out my ski goggles!

Xperio UV Lenses

Testing the original lenses at Snoqualmie Falls.

Xperio UV Lenses

Looking through a polarized lens.

Alta Mountain

Great for hiking on snowy days with varying sunlight.

I'm at Crater Lake!!!

Work well for ski touring and traveling.

Xperio UV Lenses can be ordered directly from eyecare professionals.

Disclosure: As an Xperio UV Brand Advocate, this is a “sponsored post.” Xperio UV provided product in exchange for writing a review. All opinions and observations are 100% my own.