A return to familiar.

There’s a reason why a place feels like home, and Washington is just that: Familiar. I can’t count how many times friends and family asked how it feels to be back in Washington. My answer, “It’s returning to familiar.”

I returned back to Washington after 7 months of living in London. I returned to a familiar home, familiar friends, and a familiar outdoor lifestyle.

I’m not done traveling and exploring. My adventures may not include planes every weekend, but it did involve many climbing and hiking trips to reunite with the Cascades mountains in my familiar backyard.

Climbing in Vantage

New stories shared in October:

States I Traveled in October:

  • Oregon
  • Nevada

My Favorite October Trip:

The Fox, Red Rocks

Red Rocks, Nevada: I met a few friends in Las Vegas for a week of rock climbing. It was a mental and physical challenge as I haven’t climbed in months due to my Europe adventures. It was the fastest way to catch up on the climbing I missed.

What’s next for November?

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