Every month from now on I will be sharing a flashback image from my travels.

Behind the scenes story:

Over Memorial Day, Andy and I decided to take an outdoor adventure to Oregon. To escape the holiday rock climbing crowds, we drove to Smith Rock on Thursday night, and rock climbed on Friday. Mt. Bachelor’s was still open, so we skied the beautiful volcano with views of the Sister volcanoes throughout the day and had fun at their Keg Festival by tasting the local Bend microbreweries. Sunday was spend mountaineering the South Sister and skiing down it. It was one of my first times skiing in the backcountry, and I absolutely enjoyed it!

South Sister

Caption: Just Keep Skinning

Year: 2014

Location: South Sister, Oregon


The South Sister is located within driving distance from Bend, Oregon and is on the Cascade Lakes National Scenic Highway.

Where is your favorite Memorial Day getaway?

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