Every month from now on I will be sharing a flashback image from my travels.

Since it was national parks week last week, I thought I would share a picture from one of my favorite national parks.

Behind the scenes story:

It was my brother’s first trip away from the East Coast, and I was lucky enough to be with him as he showed his excitement pointing out beautiful scenery and the pure joy of exploring Alaska. Denali National Park has few hiking trails with most being very short trails near the entrance. Wanting to explore more of Denali than Park Road and the bus rest stops, we decided to hike. Polychrome Ridge Hike was one of my favorite experiences in Denali. The hike provided excellent views of the tundra landscape and Denali foothills. We even came across two caribou in a riverbed towards the end of our hike.

Polychrome Ridge Hike

Caption: Infinite Possibilities

Year: 2012

Location: Denali National Park, Alaska


Denali National Park is located in Alaska between Fairbanks and Anchorage and encompasses more than 6 million acres. Many visitors hope to see the highest peak in North America, but it is said that only one-third actually see the mountain.

Would you explored of the trail? Where?

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