A Month of Hiking

I’ve held off on many outdoor trips in Europe because city travel is easier when you don’t drive a standard car and only have a weekend to jet set. If felt good to have hiking objectives to chase, which my normal PNW summers are full of planning and training for them.

Objective #1: Ben Nevis


The first weekend of August, I took a train to Glasgow and rented a car to drive to Ben Nevis, the highest point in the United Kingdom. Instead of doing the standard route, we took advice from a friend for a longer day of hiking through wet bogs. My feet were drenched, but I was in the outdoors.

Objective #2: Multi-day Backpacking


It was time for a “long” vacation. Before moving to London, a friend put together his summer trip, and Norway was added as a 10-day backpacking trip. Instead of renting a car or booking lodging, we had plans of living out of our backpacks and taking public transportation. It worked for the most part even after our friend’s tent broke in high winds the first night of camping. We improvised and learned more about our outdoor choices.

Objective #3: Hardergrat


I had one of the biggest days of my outdoor resume walking the Hardergrat ridge (15 miles and about 9.75K vertical feet) outside of Interlaken, Switzerland. Using London’s Bank Holiday allowed for a nice, long weekend in the mountains.

Cramming in London Attractions

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

I’m moving back to Seattle soon and Andy was able to get a 3-week extension due to tenants renting our house until end of September. It means I have more time to check off those bucket-list items I have for London. As I do in any city I live, I make lists or take mental notes on what I want to do and see but think I have plenty of time to explore and have a chance to do things. Well London is about to become a large jump across the pond. I’ve been signing up for tours and excited to finish Andy’s work assignment by being a tourist.

New stories shared in August:

Countries I Traveled in August:

  • Scotland
  • Norway
  • Switzerland

My Favorite August UK Attraction(s):

Harry Potter Studio Tour

Harry Potter Studio Tour − OMG this has to be one of my favorite things to do. Now, I’m watching the movies knowing I’ve seen props and sets in person.

Other London attractions worth mentioning:

Buckingham Palace State Rooms − Only open from July to October, guests can visit parts of the palace not usually open to commoners.

Houses of Parliament Tour − I’ve been wanting to learn more about how government works in the United Kingdom. I don’t think I’ve quite figured it out, but it was nice to have a guide explain it and answer my questions.

My Favorite August Trip:

Norway was my best trip and was my first time sleeping in a tent in 2017 (I don’t know who I am anymore). I slept in a hut and climbed the highest peak in Lofoten.

August’s Top 3 Instagram Posts


Norway, you poked holes in a “good-on-paper” itinerary for ten days of camping and backpacking. It made us flexible and ok weather allowed us to finish all planned routes out of order. We met other travelers and shared stories that might not have happened otherwise. The joys of traveling.


Tiny Angela, big outdoors. If only I had time (and resources) to explore all the corners of this planet.


Mountains and water, what more do you need?

What’s next for September?

It’s moving month, but we still have a full month before we head back to the States.

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