Recently, I was riding home from a weekend of hiking when we saw a Michigan license plate. Our French friends asked Andy and me:

What is Michigan known for?

I have only been to Michigan once, and it was for a Stanley Cup playoff game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Detroit Red Wings. We did not even stay overnight because I lived in Cleveland and had already paid a pretty penny for the tickets.

michigan license plate

We then were asked:

What is Pennsylvania known for?

I was able to answer this one a little better with Andy’s contributions. I realized we both had varying answers being from the same state. However, these questions really made me think. Not being from a city but have lived in my fair share, I would still say it is hard to categorize a whole population. I come from a different lifestyle, where people still trade services for payment.


Have you ever had a hard time trying to describe to someone what your state/country is known for?

I need your help!

Please comment on this post and describe your state (or country) in a few words. I will then combine them for a new post. My goal is to get a little from every state (along with countries around the world), so I need your help. If you find a lull in conversation in the next few weeks, then ask your coworkers, family, friends what their state (country) means to them. Please share with me. I am very interested!

state road trip signs

Describe your state/country in a few words. . .

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