You don’t have to hike the Kalalau Trail to experience the Na Pali Coast. Tourists are able to experience the coast by taking a helicopter, boat, or kayak tour, but there is something about experiencing the entire 11-mile trail by taking time to enjoy the natural beauty.

There are multiple decisions made while planning for a trip, along with decisions while on the trip. Little did I know how many decisions I would be making on the Kalalau Trail. For the entire story, head over to Outdoor Women’s Alliance to read my full story on “When Hawaii is no Longer a Paradise: Stranded on the Kalalau Trail.”

Here are some of the decisions that I had to make while hiking the trail.

  • Decision 1 – Weather
  • Decision 2 – Time
  • Decision 3 – Which Way Do We Go?
  • Decision 4 – Survival Mode
  • Decision 5 – Crossing the Hanakoa River
  • Decision 6 – Crossing the Hanakapiai River
  • Decision 7 – Crossing the Hanakapiai Beach – Day 2

Check out my video from the trail.

I would like to thank the Kauai Fire Department for their efforts of rescuing the 62 hikers from the trail and the taxpayers that help hikers like us enjoy the trail. I was even interviewed by Good Morning America.