I have a quick story I thought I would share about how safe and great a country like Iceland is to visit. First of all, I want to say that we had a great time exploring Iceland (you can read more about the trip here). The people are friendly and most speak English.

One benefit to traveling to a country without any enemies is getting a view like this of Reykjavík:

Reykjavik City View

View of Reykjavík from Bessastaðir in Garðabær

With my Iceland visit coming to an end, I saw a peninsula on the map that would overlook Iceland’s capitol city. I directed Andy, who was driving, to head towards Alftanes, a coastal town south of Reykjavík. At the first roundabout, we exited following a brown sign that indicates points of interest in Iceland. Have you ever seen Icelandic words? Without knowing where we were going, we pulled into a driveway and a house. I got out and took the picture above and pet the dog that was tied outside.

The house did not look like an important building, but we were curious if it was a residence or government building and what its significance was. The doors were open to the building, but we did not try to explore more because we were trying to catch our flight home to the States.

After connecting to WiFi, we learned we stopped at the President of Iceland’s residence! What? And this folks is what happens when you do not have any enemies! Did I mention I pet the dog of the President of Iceland?

Have you stumbled on an unexpected tourist spot without realizing? Please leave your story in the comments.

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