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Penticton is less than six hours drive from Western Washington, but it might as well be on another planet. The city basks in over 300 sunny days a year. Located in the Southern Okanagan just over the Canadian border, the entire region serves up some of the best road and trail biking in North America

Penticton Cycling

In keeping with the great adventure, we also sip into four breweries, four distilleries and three cideries. Oh, and there are 60 wineries sprinkled up and down the valley. This leisure set-up is so stacked one hardly needs mention the outrageous exchange rate (our US dollar is worth around $1.30 Canadian, so everything is 30% off and cheaper then what you’ll find in Seattle).

Cycling outside of Penticton is nuts, beginning with the 373-mile long Kettle Valley Railway (KVR) Trail. The KVR traverses all over the Lower Mainland but one of its best circuits descends gently from high above Lake Okanagan, through tunnels and over bridges right into Penticton. No need to leap frog, Bike Penticton arranges shuttles to take riders to the KVR. 

It doesn’t take a geographer to know that every valley comes with hills, and the Okanagan cycling trails in them are Moab good. The Three Blind Mice Trail complex, perched high above the KVR for a sublime ride out, contains over 100 named trails of various challenge. Over half of the rides are considered intermediate, but there are plenty, as in dozens, of beginning and mad descents as well.

Visit Penticton Cycling

Penticton cycling trails stretch over to the western hills as well, where “Test of Humanity” loops for six miles with about a quarter mile of elevation gain. The vista points provide plenty of excuses to pause and consider your good fortune before ripping downslope back toward town.

The Campbell Mountain Trail beckons south of town, a two-mile loop where barely a 100-ft climb unveils 1,000-ft in descent. Like the Test, Campbell Mountain is considered a blue run. Speaking of colored runs, clear days and mild temps produce easy daily doubles if you want to grab your skis for Apex Mountain Resort then knock out some downhill in the dirt.

The desert air may give it away, but hitting these dry trails definitely feels like a galaxy away from our rainforest.

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