If you follow any of my social media accounts, you will know that I love traveling to national parks. National parks can be found in most countries. Since I live in a city, I try to travel to destinations where I can escape the hustle bustling lives of the locals and head to nature. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy interacting with locals and the culture, but I do not like crowds and overpaying for tourist attractions.

Trying to see as much of my own country as possible to save some vacation days, I enjoy touring the national parks of the United States. Some parks are higher on the list than others. Glacier National Park was one of the higher ones, and I finally made it!

A little more remote than other national parks, Glacier National Park is a backpacker’s dream. With a great trail system, it is easy to get “lost” in the backcountry and spend days and weeks exploring this mountainous park. Drive on Going to the Sun Road to see different sections of the park, including Lake McDonald, Logan Pass, Two Medicine Lake, Many Glacier, and the Belly River.

What is your favorite national park?

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