Lets face it, Eve did pull the apple off the tree and convince Adam to partake. And women have been paying for it for YEARS. I have always hated when I was told to be more of a lady or act “lady-like” to be more proper. What fun is that!?! With my time in the outdoors, I have realized there are some benefits of being a male on the trail versus a female.

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Bathroom Breaks

I will admit that I do my fair share of going to the bathroom outdoors. However, sometimes pulling down the pants to pop-a-squat with limited tree cover on a popular trail seems “un-lady-like.” Not to mention it is almost necessary to carry toilet paper around in a zip-lock baggy just in case you have to go. Not only is it hard to find a place to do your business but keeping it clean also poses a problem. Have you have seen a dog when it poops? Well I get it. I don’t like people watching me do my business either and continue to watch over both my shoulders looking ashamed if someone notices.

Some have tried to solve the problem by creating devices to use. Even though I own one, I have yet to use it. Maybe one of these days…

lomo del pliegue tumbado


After not showering for days, it is easy to be gross. However, since I have long hair, I feel gross faster. I remember one instance while backpacking in hot, dusty conditions where it was particularly bad. Andy decided to go up to a glacier stream and dunk his head in. I was jealous, but do you know how long it takes for my hair to dry or untangle it? Let alone dipping it in cold water that causes my brain to freeze!

I am not even going to cover the need to carry feminine products and what they add to my packing list!


Outdoor Gear

Apparently, female cargo pants are hard to find. Also, since said pants are form-fitting, they do not have the spacious pockets for snacking while on trail. This means more breaks for females having to dig into our packs.  I have resorted to buying men’s pants for the use of pockets.

On a more positive note. . .

My clothes and shoes are small, so I can fit more into my backpack. The reasons why it sucks to be an outdoor lady really are not that bad. You get used to going to the bathroom in front of strangers, stripping down to your bra and underwear to cool off in a remote lake, and I have learned more about myself in the outdoors than anywhere else.

So get out there and crush it ladies!

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