On the road again…

It’s hard working from home. There, I said it. The rain continues in Seattle, and I’m known to hunker down this time of year unless I’m out skiing. After returning from a trip to Ymir at the beginning of the month, I left again without much time at home. It felt like a whirlwind of cold weather activities and not enough of my personal time to spend with friends and socialize.

I’m trying to find a routine: Morning yoga sessions, coffee, and writing. After all the travel last year, the slow pace is a little less exciting but much needed.

skiing at solitude mountain

February is a short month and I spent 12 of the days on the road trying to use my M.A.X. Pass in Big Sky, Steamboat, Solitude, and Brighton. I skied 8 of the 12 days and am feeling a little exhausted.

Reflections of an all guys ski road trip

sampling beer in Big Sky

I hurt my back in December and it’s making me ski cautiously. Trying to keep up with the guys isn’t something I can sustain for days at a time, especially at a resort. I found myself hitting the slopes by myself during the road trip and actually enjoyed working on my form on the groomers. Does anyone else find it hard to keep your shins on the tongue of your ski boots?

I’m thankful for my women friends. I don’t feel like I have to keep up or overly push myself. I don’t feel bad when I’m not keeping up or making them wait. I’m not sure why this is but it is something I’m looking forward to as the climbing season begins.

Is my risk tolerance going down? I have reflected a bunch and continue to ask myself this question. I’m hoping I can still push my limits in the outdoors but also want to slow down and enjoy some more simple adventures again. I want to do a weekend of backpacking without having to be on snow or glaciers throughout the summer months. I still plan on climbing Rainier but don’t want it to take up my whole summer. I want mountain views with coffee in the morning and not alpine starts every adventure.

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