Everyone has a way to recreate in the outdoors. I hike, climb, ski and travel to reach forests, mountains and alpine.

Adding the extra 2.5 lbs to my backpack in a dry bag makes the journey well worth it. I may not have my camera out all the time as I struggle through difficult terrain, but I am always watching and envisioning a story from the trip that is stored in my memory.

Scrambling Boston Peak wasn’t any different. The hard ridge walk between Sahale and Boston was at times nerve racking. Focusing on where my hands and feet went and looking up periodically to take pictures of the breathtaking views stored in my head as my camera was tucked away in my pack. I watched while friends scaled the mountain and traversed the exposed terrain. Moments like these help me realized how massive the outdoors and world is for us to explore.

Camp Illustrated, also known as Matt, is an artist. It takes patience and meticulous talent to recreate experiences, especially ones that are not his own. Whether he is illustrating an image he finds on Instagram or uses landscapes from his own travels, I am always impressed at the variety of mediums he uses. Gosh, I just click a camera button for an image. Ok, it is more than just a click, but you get the point.

I found his work on Instagram months ago and have been watching as he finds amazing outdoor photos and surprises lucky IG photographers with a sketch. Recently, I was surprised and can’t express the stoke. The image captured my friend tossing the rope down Sahale Peak during the golden hour of the day.

Thanks Matt for taking the time to make my day!

On rappell

Original photo – Wayne tossing the rope.

Learn more why he does what he does:

A weekend with Camp Illustrated in Big Sur from R. Adam Prieto on Vimeo.

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