Practice is key

Most of the month of April was spent teaching students of the Washington Alpine Club Basic Class how to climb and rappel. It included weekend trips and weeknights at a local outdoor climbing wall.

Washington Alpine Club - Mt. Erie

It’s always fun to instruct the basic skills learned years ago. Like trusting your harness when rappelling instead of walking or downclimbing on the rope. Just sit back and relax and trust your gear. Or the movements on the rock and learning how to balance on the smallest of holds.

The remote life

Now that the weather is improving, I’m finally utilizing my working from home job to hit the climbing gym, ski resorts, and trails during the day or after work with friends. I’m also training for some big mountain climbs and am starting to block my calendar off with local excursions to the Cascades mountains.

Camping on Second Beach

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Where I traveled in April:

  • Mt. Erie, Washington
  • Mount St. Helens, Washington
  • Second Beach, Washington

What’s next for May

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