Located at a section of the park that is overlooked by many present day tourists, Two Medicine Lake is a great place to start planning your trip to Glacier National Park. I know I did not give the area enough time or justice looking back on the trip. Glacier National Park is spread out, so it is easy to breeze through and head for the most popular and accessible attractions.

Planning a trip to Glacier is difficult and one I have been wanting to do for years because it needs careful preparation. Going to the Sun Road doesn’t open until most of the snow has melted, which is an attraction in itself–winding through the mountainous sections of the park. Driving around the park takes full days.

Being the adventurous type, I had to explore the natural beauty of Glacier National Park.

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Two Medicine Lake

The plan was to hike the Dawson Pitamakan Trail Loop. Backpacking permits fill up quick with few walk-ins available. The trail is supposed to be beautiful and a viable option if the snow has melted. After talking to the park ranger at the permit office, we soon learned the snow still buried directional trail signs. We had planned on hiking the 17 mile loop in one day, but the conditions would have made it longer. The backcountry campsites in that area were still under snow and closed, so it was back to the drawing board.

Not being able to get two overnight backcountry permits with campsites close to one another, we decided to check out Two Medicine Lake. First things first was to find a place to sleep at night. We drove through the campground a couple of times to make sure we found a good campsite. After setting up camp, we were ready to stretch our legs after a long night and day of driving.

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The trail did not follow the lake as we had planned, but it did have occasional sweeping views of the mountains and at times was narrow and overgrown. However, the trail was one of many bridges to keep our feet dry. One crossing that needed a bridge was the only challenging part of the “evening stroll.”

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After taking a quick picture of the map, we started the hike. It didn’t take long to see great views.

The mountains of Montana.

Which way do I go, George?

I wanted to save my feet for the hiking we had planned, so we found an easier way to cross.

We only saw a few people on the trail.

Overgrown sections of the trail.

Another angle of Two Medicine Lake and at the halfway point of the trail.

I didn’t even see this guy until Andy stopped me; he was so close to the trail. One of the benefits for an afternoon hike is seeing wildlife since wildlife is most active at dawn and dusk.

My favorite bridge crossing. I might have even jumped up and down a little.

Two Medicine Lake

Instead of cooking dinner at the campsite, we decided to cook at the picnic area as the sunset on a great day.

Don’t forget to check out my video of Glacier National Park.

What is your favorite section of Glacier National Park?

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