I traveled to Brazil for wildlife and wasn’t disappointed. There’s something about nature in remote areas that takes me back to a simple life. Watching birds fly overhead as their vibrant colors glisten in the sun or the dull colors camouflage against the trees and brush.

Looking into the eyes through the lens of my camera, trying not to disrupt them. From Rio de Janiero to Porto Jofre and the Pantanal, we were able to see a variety of bird species, along with a few other surprises. Below are some of my favorite wildlife images from our two week trip to Brazil.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

A marmoset hangs around the trail on Morro da Urca.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Green Heron searches for food along the Trans-Pantanal Highway.

Jabiru stork is one of the the largest in North America.

Monk parakeets camouflaged in the trees.

Black collared hawk perches near a farm’s wetlands.

Marsh deer takes a break from grazing.

Turkey vulture takes off.

Brown capuchin pauses while traveling through the canopy. 

Toco toucan perches high in the trees.

A baby capybara follows its herd across the road.

Hyacinth macaw finds breakfast and chatters up a storm.

White-winged swallow on one of the many bridges along the Trans-Pantanal Highway.

The ringed kingfisher looks regal before its next dive for food along the river.

The spectacled caiman shows off its pearly whites.

Capped heron quietly sits on the shore’s tree branches.

Jaguar bored with the boat-loads of tourists watching.

Just another day on the beach for this pied lapwing.

Ringed kingfisher in flight with a mouth full of food.

The Agathina emperor lands briefly in the sun.

Tapir along a road in Guaporé Valley.

A couple of blue-and-yellow macaws in flight.

Red-bellied macaws perches above the Guaporé River.

The plush-crested jay entertains tourists on the Argentinian side of Cataratas del Iguazú.

The pictures do not even touch the number of the species of birds and wildlife we saw during our time in Brazil. If you enjoy observing nature, then head to the Mato Grosso region.

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