Motto: Life is short. So love more, travel more, explore more, and be adventurous.

Hi, my name is Angela Crampton, and I’m addicted to being on the move. Whether it’s traveling or exploring the great outdoors.

Angela Travels started while traveling for work. Up until 2017, I carried a variety of careers from NASA to REI (LinkedIn). In my last role, I helped launch and managed REI’s Co-op Journal for 2.5 years. I loved my job and gave all my creative energy to it. I didn’t want to leave, but my husband was offered a work assignment in London for six months. With every ending, comes a new beginning, and I’m happy to spend my energy to Angela Travels.

Catching the Travel Bug

It all started when my parents took my siblings and I camping every nice weekend in Pennsylvania and New York. My parents instilled an adventurous/nature appreciation in me. After high school graduation, I lived in a half of dozen places but now currently reside in London.

In 2007, I studied in France, which started my travel bug. Now, I can’t get enough of touring National Parks in the U.S. to sleeping in a rental van in New Zealand to hiking through Peruvian rain-forests to enjoying tapas in Spain to walking on glaciers in Iceland. I hope to add more of my past trips as I get time. Enjoy!

angela in veneziaWalking through Venice, Italy.

If I mention Andy in any of my posts, it is because he is my travel companion and husband. I would not have been able to do all the planning and research for the trips without him! He likes to stay behind the scenes, but most of my travel includes him.

“The best travel accessory is someone you love.”

Goal for the Blog

My goal is to share my travel and outdoor experiences (as a couple). My trips usually include hiking, rock climbing, camping, and skiing, along with touring cities. Follow me on my journey to receive as many passport stamps as possible.

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lomo del pliegue tumbado

Hiking Lomo del Pliegue Tumbado in Patagonia

Expressing myself through Photography

I have always loved capturing moments via photography. I started on cheap film cameras and had an excellent art teacher in elementary school that taught me how to use a dark room by rolling film and printing my own pictures. My first digital camera was a KODAK DX3700, which was a 3.1 mega pixel camera. I then purchased an SLR camera to take pictures for my high school yearbook. Even though I have not been in a darkroom since, I still appreciate the art of photography by learning tricks from my twin sister who has her own photography business.

Are you a travel blogger? I highly suggest the Travel Blogging 101 course by A Dangerous Business.

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